Last Night: Love at First Fight, A Romantic Suspense Novel - English Version

Love Brought Them Together, Life Tore Them Apart - And Now It’s a Race Against Time…

Liam and Nova, Nova and Liam. They met in a fever and clicked together at once. They escaped serious problems at home by backpacking and hiking the continent in a sizzling European vacation- Seville, Venice, Barcelona, London, Porto, Prague, Florence - with their heads in the clouds and their problems in their bags. They loved every moment of it.

They were In Love and they were Free. Now, they’re not.

The problems they were running away from have finally come to the party, and man, it is not a nice sight. Nova, kidnapped at the hands of cruel and dangerous mafia hitmen. Liam, stuck alone in a waking nightmare.

Who would ever want to hurt a being so tender and enchanting? Liam is hell-bent on finding out, and he will do everything possible to rescue his angel!

Will he make it in time? Will things ever be the same? Find out in Last Night, an emotional thriller and hot romance that will keep you breathlessly turning pages.

You'll get 1 EPUB and 1 MOBI

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