Gangs of Stockholm: A Fallen Angel - English Version

Immerse Yourself In A Psychological Thriller set in Sweden's Organized Crime Underworld, Brought To You By Luke G. Dahl!

Gangs of Stockholm chronicles the true crime mafia biography of Eric, a 15 year old boy who is drawn deeper and deeper into Stockholm, Sweden's underworld; a dark and gritty lifestyle that exposes the young man to the dangerously enticing and lucrative world of drug trafficking and money laundering. Once he gets ingrained into the criminal system, can he ever escape his life of crime? Will the gang war with rival Swedish mobs cost him more than just his morals?

Eric discovers how even the most insignificant details can sometimes play an important role in his life - it's never too late to make the right choice. Is there always a way to make things right... or are there some things in life that are simply irreversible?

From the author of Amazon's bestseller Daddy's Curse comes this new, heart-wrenching novel about dangerous life choices, criminal inclinations, and second chances.

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