Faith Under Water: A Gripping True Account of Flooding Disasters and Escaping Slavery - E-book

Thoroughly gripping and painfully heartbreaking, Faith Under Water is a powerful chronicle of a family's determination to never give up despite setbacks, terrible losses and betrayal after a series of catastrophic floods in Bangladesh.

Filled with suffering, hardship and with the ghost of a dead sister lost to the flood hanging heavy on their psyches, the Samad family were close to breaking point, but Ahmed, being a traditionally minded Muslim father, was obstinate. He was finally convinced to depart with his family for greener pastures in the city of Dhaka, but another wave of flooding delayed their exodus.

All wasn't smooth sailing on the way to Dhaka. Robbed and captured by a gang of bandits, the Samad family are unable to escape the cycle of incessant tragedies that has become their curse. Brought to the stronghold of a criminal organization to serve as "helpers," the family quickly adjusts in order to survive. After managing to escape slavery, they finally manage to arrive in Dhaka, but the cold, hard reality of life on the run had one final, painful lesson to teach young Azam.

Faith Under Water is a poignant true account of shattered dreams and soul-crushing despair from the award-winning author of the Daddy's Curse Series.

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