How To Stop Alcohol Addiction On Your Own


People who are obese are usually told to quit drinking alcohol if they wish to cut down a considerably large amount of fat from their body. As an addict, this statement might be hard for many people to believe. This is why the question of whether I will lose weight if I quit drinking alcohol or not, surfaces a lot.

Maintaining a healthy weight promotes a healthier lifestyle. It is one of the best things that you can do for yourself as obesity welcomes several diseases that grow into life-threatening ones. The internet is flooded with a variety of diet plans and tips and advice that can help you lose weight for good. However, that handful of tricks and tips don't seem to work for everyone. This is usually because a lot of things seem to be sabotaging your efforts, without you even realising it. Alcohol is one of those many things that might be sabotaging your attempts of weight loss.

Is Alcohol a Hurdle for Weight Loss?

Alcohol is a significant part of our society these days. Drinking has become so common that we hardly pay attention to the tons of negative aspects that it carries. Forgetting the health risks that it brings along is as easy as pie these days. We are not scaring you away from the occasional glass of vodka or wine that you enjoy on a festivity. We are trying to remind you of the fact that this drink is the core reason for several health issues. Drinking excessive alcohol can wreck your health, and before you realise the damage it is doing; it gets pretty late.

Discussing it from the weight loss perspective; yes, alcohol sabotages your efforts of weight loss. Yes, you will be able to see a visible difference once you quit drinking it. Obviously, the change is not going to happen overnight, but after a few weeks, it will be prominent enough to notice.

Weight loss and quitting alcohol somewhat go hand in hand. Alcohol basically has empty calories. There are tons of calories which don't offer you any nutritional value which makes them hollow and useless. You will be gulping down hundreds of calories within a few minutes, without realising. Alcohol all alone has a bunch of calories and the fact that bars and clubs mix them with juices and other drinks, makes the calories double or triple up. You are loading your tummy with carbs and sugars, and you think that your weight loss efforts will be positive? No darling, they will all be dumped within a few minutes. You can eat an extremely healthy diet overall, but the amount of alcohol you drink on the weekend creates havoc of all the efforts you put in.

Apart from the calories, alcohol lowers your inhibitions. Your decision-making skills go down the aisle, and your brain doesn't do a lot of thinking. This makes you eat extra slices of pizza and your favourite chocolate fudge cake and much more. And when you come back to your world, the worst has already been done and buried into your stomach's muffin top. Here are some quick reasons why alcohol can be a massive hurdle in weight loss:

● You get super lethargic, and you might not be able to stay as active as you could have been without drinking alcohol. You are going to miss out on your gym or jogging which will pile up the calories inside.

● Alcohol also alters the method through which your body burns fat. The human body focuses on breaking down alcohol instead of breaking fats.

● Drinking alcohol lowers your testosterone levels, which is an extremely crucial hormone for weight loss.

So, now you know that if you quit drinking alcohol, you will be losing weight! Weight loss and alcohol are not good buddies. If you are trying to get the best of both the worlds; then that is not going to happen. If you wish to lose weight, then you need to quit drinking alcohol, for sure!

How To Stop Alcohol Addiction On Your Own