A Human Sex-Trafficking True Story That Will Change The Way You Think

Some stories, when you hear them, it is almost hard to believe that they are real. Is this because we want to think that the world is better than it is? That we are better than we are? That as safe as our backyards seem, that is how safe every place is?

The fact of the matter is that crimes and criminals are a part of our modern world. We cannot ignore these realities any more than we can hope they will go away on their own. Yuna’s story is just one of many. She had grown up on the Mongolian countryside, where the darkness of the world had seemed removed. One day, however, she was kidnapped by an organized crime gang and forced into sexual slavery. Abused, beaten, raped, and sold, she was treated like less than human.

Two years ago, I started to write Yuna’s story. I finished in December 2017, the #metoo era firmly underway. Yuna’s story is a harrowing tale of a human trafficking and organized crime survival. I want to show you what goes on in the world of sex trafficking gangs and the lifelong pain being inflicted on these women, who either die or are left to deal with the total fragmentation of their souls.

Now, I am ready to bring Yuna’s story a worldwide audience. This is a book that is heartbreaking at times, but it is a book that I believe wholeheartedly people need to read.

In the year 2018, slavery has not been exterminated. It is still here, centuries after the deadliest American war in all of history was fought in order to exterminate it. By getting this story out, we may be able to make a difference.

I thank you sincerely for taking the time to read this blog post.

If there are any questions that I can answer for you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Sex Trafficking Survivor - A sex trafficking survivor shares her story - Daddy's Curse

E-book : https://cedenheim.com/item/daddys-curse-a-sex-trafficking-true-story-of-an-8-year-old-girl

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Luke. G. Dahl