How To Stop Alcohol Addiction On Your Own


Alcohol abuse is rising with time, and this is extremely dangerous. Alcohol-related diseases are now widely prevalent in America and around the world too. Thus, if you are trying to quit drinking alcohol, then this is an excellent decision.

Every person has their own set of reasons to quit alcohol. Some might be doing so due to medical issues, and others can do so because of personal problems. But whatever the reason might be, the decision is hugely significant, and you can take some simple steps to start calling quits on it. People who are highly addicted to alcohol will find it hard to manage to quit it, on their own. Thus, you can take help from rehab too. But for people who have realised that this addiction is not going to do them any kind, at an early stage, this article is specifically for all of you.


In this piece of article, we have summed up some practical tips on how to quit drinking alcohol. It is not going to be as easy as pie, and we won't promise you that you will be able to do so within a week or two. This is a time taking the process, and your determination will help you on this journey.

Without any false promises, let's dig into some sane and practical tips on quitting alcohol.

Make your Intentions Clear; Let your Family know:

The very first and most crucial step is to share this news with your family. Your intentions should be known by people who are going to be around you, most of the time. This is extremely helpful as they will stop you whenever you might be overdosing on alcoholic drinks. We prefer that the closest friends should also know about this as you will be spending a reasonable amount of time with them too.

Put barriers between you and temptations:

Next up, stay away from temptation! Even if it means that you won't be able to go to the wild party that Angelia is holding next week. Staying true to your decision is essential. The first step of your family being clear about your intentions will help you a lot in this context as they will stop you too. Also, if you are out with friends, you can avoid staring at the glass of vodka and get a slush or latte.

Gradually reduce the amount of drinking-don't run into the process:

The most practical tip that we wish that all quitters followed is to start reducing the amount of alcohol you drink. People who are addicted to it can never quit on it right away. You might think that you are succeeding, but it is not valid. After some days, you will feel the urge massively, and you will jump back to point zero. Thus, you need to start working on it gradually. If you drink five times a week, then you can switch it down to 3 days or just the weekend. If you drink during the weekend only, but your intake is massive; then cut down on the glasses of alcohol you drink. You need to focus on stopping the overdosage. Once you start reducing the amount you drink, you will notice a change in your craving too. You will crave it way less, and then it will be easier to quit on it altogether. Makes sense, right?


You must realise the fact that you are planning to make a significant change in your life. People who drink alcohol regularly understand that this is a huge step to take. Thus, if you are doing it nicely, you can reward yourself with anything apart from alcoholic drinks. Also, there are a lot of perks that one enjoys a healthier life. You don't want to risk your entire future due to alcohol, do you? Think before you touch that glass and imagine living without liver or lung diseases! It is a life worth believing and living. Be motivated, and nothing can become a hurdle in your journey of quitting alcohol.

How To Stop Alcohol Addiction On Your Own